Executive Doctor of Management

This degree is taught in conjunction with the China Business Managers Association (HK) to provide a high-level, vocationally-oriented program that gives students who are already business professionals sufficient theoretical and empirical understanding to enable them to identify and resolve business challenges in both the private and public sectors.It is a multi-city taught program designed to give candidates a global perspective.

Workshops will be held in a minimum of 5 international cities over the 2 years of the course. Candidates will be expected to participate in workshops in at least 2 seperate cities.

Course Structure
DB601 Business and Government
DB602 General Management
DB603 Competitive Strategy
DB604 Entrepreneurship
DB605 Human Resource Management
DB606 Marketing
DB607 Operations Management
DB608 Organizational Behaviour
DB609 Service Management
DB610 Performance Management
DB611 Thesis

This program is taught by the China Bussiness Managers Association

The courses are administered by the China Bussiness Managers Association on behalf of St Clements University. The China Bussiness Managers Association is a Hong Kong based organisation. The degree will be issued by St Clements University.