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 Postgraduate Diploma leading to MBA of various Universities

l           Postgraduate Diploma should be completed within 1 year part time.

l           The course includes 12 subjects, each 12 hours of lecture. Upon completion students need to take assignment and for some subjects written tests.


l          The course advantages:

1. Flexible
2. Practical
3. High quality teaching
4. Build China network
5. Multiple awards:
3 certificates
6. Campus environment
7. Bilingual
8. Recognized


(4th Postgraduate Diploma Graduation Ceremony)

l  Postgraduate Diploma graduates can apply for credit transfer and apply for different stages of MBA of St Clements University, UNEM and University of Wales.

A. Postgraduate Diploma-Executive Diploma                       

B. St Clements University MBA

     (Research Method 5 subjects + thesis)                              

Double master from reciprocal University                         

C. UNEM MBA 2 subjects:                    

D. University of Wales MBA 8 subjects + thesis:                   


Brief Introduction to University


St Clements University

St Clements University is a private university. The role of the university is to provide educational services based on market need at degree level. The University is under the St Clements Foundation and has 10000 students worldwide in their different campuses.

St Clements has setup in Niue of New Zealand, Swiss, middle east and Africa. The University is probably one of the biggest non traditional Universities in the world and accredited by most UK professional bodies University also reciprocal arrangement with many traditional Universities including International American University (California state approved), Business University of Costa Rica, etc. Visit www.stclements.edu for University details.

UNEM University

Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (UNEM) was established and approved by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education, during Session number 336-97, which convened on 5 November 1997.


government approval

The University of Wales

The University of Wales is one of the largest University group in UK and has more then 50,000 students worldwide. The honorary Chancellor is Prince of Wales. Founded by Royal Charter in 1893, the University of Wales is the degree-awarding body for the vast majority of higher education students in Wales, as well as for many at other higher education institutions in the United Kingdom and overseas. The University confers around 15,000 initial degrees and more than 4,000 higher degrees each year, and is the second largest degree-awarding body in the United Kingdom. Visit www.wales.ac.uk for details.