Index of Science and Management is supported by our Research Institute, and originally developed by our advisor Rev George Lin, a scientist and Buddhist. This index is formulated using the rationale of accessing to Essential Science Indicators to get the institution's citations and cites per paper, the number of employees and the annual expenditure are obtained from institution’s websites. These data was calculated according to the formula: weighted academic level index, weighted academic performance index and weighted academic level performance index. Use the Global Technology Index to quantitatively assess the level of science and technology in countries  and Institution .
- 學術水準評估項目介紹
- 2021.,7月世界4000個最佳學術機構(大學)加權學術水準指數
- 2021,7月5000個機構環球科技指數
- 2021,7月5000個機構環球科技指數 工程科學學科
- 2021,7月5000個機構環球科技指數 經濟與商學學科